Campsite Lottery for July 1 - 3

Lottery for Campsite Reservations

This year our Independence Day Celebration event will be held on July 2.  We anticipate a large demand for the campsites for this weekend.  To make this as fair as possible, we will hold a lottery to see who can have the reservations this year.  To be entered into the lottery, read the lottery rules and  fill out the form below. 

Lottery Entry Dates

Entries can be submitted between January 17 at 9:00 AM through January 21 at 4:30 PM. Only one application per household . Duplicate entries will be deleted.

Campsite Reservation Details

  • Reservations will be for the minimum of two days (Friday, July 1 through Sunday, July 3 10:30 AM). No campers will be allowed to come in on Saturday. 
  • Lottery winners are limited to two campsite reservations - one lakeside and another directly across from the lakeside site.

Lottery Drawing

  • On January 25, 2022, at 9:30 AM we will be drawing 20 names.  
  • The lottery will be streamed on Facebook Live. Now would be a great time to follow us on Facebook.

After the Drawing

  • We will contact the lottery winners in the order they were drawn to complete their reservations.   When we call, the winner will need to choose their campsites and pay for the reservation.
  • If a winner does not answer when we call, a message will be left in the voicemail.  That winner will need to return the phone call before the first round is completed.  The first round will be completed when the final winner has completed their reservation.  When the round is completed, all unclaimed winners will be voided and any sites not reserved will be available for the second lottery round.
  • The second round lottery drawing will start immediately after the first round is completed.  Estimated start time of 11:00 AM.  The second round will be streamed on Facebook Live.

Thanks for Playing

As administrator, I work very hard to make this as fair as possible.  I hope you will be pleased with this lottery reservation for our largest celebration this year!

Lottery Entry Form

Complete the Lottery Entry Form to enter the lottery.