Seasonal Concessionaires for Jefferson County Lake

Jefferson County Request For Proposals: 
Concessionaires for Jefferson County Lake 2023 


Jefferson County invites concessionaires to submit a proposal to provide food, merchandise, and/ or recreational rentals for the 2022 lake season. The season begins when sub water has filled the lake bed sufficiently for swimming, which occurs about June 1. The swimming season ends about October 1. 

Types of Concessionaires 

Purveyors of food and beverage, merchandise, paddle boat rentals, recreational rentals, picnic supplies, souvenirs, and others are invited to apply. 


The concessionaire will bag all trash and arrange that the trash be discarded properly and efficiently, preferably in the large containers by the Overflow parking area. The concessionaire will not be permitted to offer or sell alcoholic beverages or tobacco or e-cigarette or vaping products. 

The concessionaire shall comply with all of the Health Department requirements for operating a concession and shall obtain and pay for all of the necessary licenses. This includes meeting all of the State and local food service regulations and passing inspection. 

Information and Instructions 

The contract for the proper conduct and operation of concessions will be awarded to the concessionaire who, in the opinion of Jefferson County, is best qualified to perform the duties and obligations and render the services set forth in the attached agreement. The successful concessionaire shall be chosen on the basis of, but not limited to, the following information supplied in his or her proposal: 

  1. The a monthly license fee to be paid
  2. Experience, background and ability to perform and provide a successful concession operation 
  3. Financial condition
  4. Quality and variety of products and services offered
  5. References

Proposal Submission

In order to be considered, proposals must be submitted on a proposal form provided by the County. Proposals may be delivered or mailed to: 

Jefferson County 
Attn: Mickey Eames 
210 Courthouse Way Suite 131 
Rigby, ID 83442


Mickey Eames
Phone: (208)612-6000 
Cell: (208)243-1197 

Concessionaire Selection Procedure

Once all proposals have been received, the County will review and evaluate them according to the following criteria, and may elect to conduct interviews with some applicants: 

  • Experience of concessionaire and key personnel with similar events 
  • Thoroughness of proposal 
  • Record of past performance and client satisfaction 
  • Concessionaire’s proposed monthly license fee 

 Jefferson County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive any informality in any proposal, to accept other than the high proposal, or not to award on the basis of proposals received. 

At the County's discretion, according to the decision of the County Board of Commissioners and staff, a two-year extension of this agreement may be considered, based upon performance by concessionaire during the initial period of this agreement. 

Thank you for your interest in the 2023 lake season.