Image Collections

Aerial Photography

This collection features raw aerial photography as acquired by the county throughout history. These collections are not part of the National Aerial Imagery Program (NAIP), but were independently acquired.

Assessor Plats 1980's

In the 1980’s, the Jefferson County Assessor’s office hired a man with survey and cartography skills to create a set of hand drawn maps representing the parcel ownership throughout Jefferson County. For the last 40 years these 30” x 40” plats have been hanging in the Assessor’s office and have been a valuable tool for understanding how properties fit together. These have been digitized into this collection of 184 scanned images. 

Metsker's Atlas 1940's

In 1901, Charles Metsker started mapping the Pacific Northwest. His business focused on mapping township maps and atlas's by county. His work is known to be some of the most detailed mapping work of the Northwest US. This collection features his work in Jefferson County Idaho during the 1940s.

Map Books 1900 - 1980

These are the 11"x14" books in the assessors office which date back to the early 1900's. Prior to the digital age, these books were the primary source for visualizing land ownership. As land transactions occurred they were meticulously mapped by hand in these books, through the 1980's, the coming of the digital age, at which point these were deprecated and became a historical record.

Plat Book

In the early days of Jefferson County, subdivisions, records of survey, and incorporated areas of the county were required to present a plat to the County Board of Commissioners. These plats were usually hand-drawn and were recorded in this 18” x 24” bound plat book. 64 records were recorded in this book before the modern process of recording mylar documents became common. These have been scanned and documented here for convenient access.